вторник, 27 декабря 2011 г.

Random Diablo 3 Things

Looked around for current D3 info.

Random notes:
  • Seems to be released no sooner then February, possibly later if there will be no announcement soon.
  • Precision is considered to be bad stat overall by theorycrafters. Crit-based builds are unlikely to work without supporting +crit% passives or +crit% runes/skills, as well as decent +crit damage%.
Preliminary conclusion: Any items with precision (including gems) should be dumped immediately as "newbie trap". Builds that rely on crits should not be considered for anything but "fun" (might work for some barbarian builds though). Best stat to stack for faster kills is +attack. Seems to be still valid. +attack items should be in high demand for long time.
  • +XP on kills is additive, and does not apply level xp penalty (or bonus) as long as enemies are no lower then within 5 levels of your character level. Outside of 5 levels they don't work and are completely useless.
Open Possibility: It might be more efficient to level using many +XP items and running through lower level areas repeatedly - especially while you might still use any items drops for crafting materials or AH. Just 5 level difference limit, however, makes it fairly niche stat. Watch out for items with no level restrictions though - should be highly desirable for alts.
Unconfirmed: No data available on drop rate changes with outleveling low level areas. I consider existence of such changes unlikely, since just having lower level drops and xp cutoff is technically enough of penalty, but some confirmation might be nice to have. But hard to produce. Maybe some blue post.

  • Monsters gain health with more party members (1 - 100%, 2 - 175%, 3 - 250%, 4 - 325%). Drop rate of items and gold remains same as solo for each party member.
Preliminary conclusion: Having dead weights in game can be outright harmful for your farming/killing. Expect many closed games and swift kicks for AFK or being generally useless. Multiboxing only worthwhile as long as you can control all characters to add enough damage.

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